3 Tips for Keeping the Romance in Your Marriage

2014-02-16 10.38.10

Yesterday, someone described me and my wife as being ‘heart meltingly romantic.’
As a couple, we are lucky to have many chances to be romantic, with some cool travel and nice restaurants. But we have been married almost nine years, and some of the travel and such can be stressful on us, and the exact opposite of romantic: 5 am flights, jet lag, business dinners apart…and so on.
So what are three of the behaviours that we do, that are not work…but perhaps are more like water for flowers? Necessary to keep us blooming romantically?
  1. Speaking of flowers. If we are in a single city for more than three days, we buy a plant or a bouquet and put it in the room. Every morning Barbara wakes up and smiles at her flowers, and I smile at her smile. The ones in the photo happen to be roses (it was the day after Valentine’s and they were on sale) but a cheap and nice-smelling hyacinth is just as good!
  2. Romance isn’t confined to Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. We had a perfectly lovely Feb 14, but an even better and more romantic February 15, at a finer restaurant and wearing sexier clothes. Don’t let the greeting card industry tell you when to be romantic — it can be any day (or every day) you want.
  3. Love letters. 10-15 times per year (not just on birthdays and anniversaries, but then too) we buy a blank card, like the ones you see in the picture. We take some time before dinner and sit apart, and write both sides of the inside of the blank card: 250-300 words. Just the usual love letter stuff that we wrote when we were dating, but we still do it. Almost every month, sometimes more. And we take turns reading each other’s cards out on our date night, holding hands, and snuffling. (Well, that would be Barbara – she sometimes mists up during the card reading!)

Just a few ‘best practises’, as we say in the Consulting business! 🙂

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