This is what happens when Facebook controls the signal, and it defines you as noise

If you use Facebook as a form of advertising, don’t be surprised if they want to charge you for that.


A food-delivery startup called Eat24 touched off a minor frenzy of anti-Facebook (s fb) sentiment recently with an open letter that said it is “breaking up” with the giant social network, as a result of the changes that Facebook has been making to its newsfeed algorithms — changes that Eat24 says are so unfriendly it is deleting its Facebook page altogether. It’s just the latest in a series of complaints from brands and prominent users about how the social network is downgrading their content and charging them to reach the followers they used to reach for free.

More than anything, these complaints reinforce the difference between Facebook and Twitter (s twtr): when a user tweets, it becomes part of a giant stream of billions of messages that are (theoretically at least) available to anyone. That may seem noisy — and Twitter gets regular complaints about how hard it is to…

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