How to Have the Most Romantic Anniversary Ever

Marry each other all over again! Our first date was when Barbara invited me to have ‘tea and a chat’ on the afternoon of July 3, 2004, ten years ago today. It went so well that I came over to her house that evening and made her my shrimp and avocado salad.

As part of celebrating our anniversary, and to gather herself after the death of her father and our dog Sam, Barbara booked us at the Ventana Inn. We’ve been here before a few times, we love it and it feels like our spiritual home in North America. On the driveway up to the hotel, there is a sign that says “Wedding Site.” We’ve often joked that it would be romantic to get married there one day.

No witnesses, just an officiant. No photographer…she can take a few pictures with our smartphone. Flowers were roses from the Safeway at the Carmel Crossroads. We did get special wedding rings designed and made by our friends at Slashpile Designs.

The weather turned hot and sunny by afternoon, but at 9 am the fog was still with us: which made it even more romantic and typically Big Sur-ish.

It is a great thing to tell the woman you love that you would be willing to marry her all over again. It is even better to actually do it!

Thanks to Tara and Courtney at Slashpile, and to officiant extraordinaire Colette Cuccia for her customised ceremony and vows, and impromptu photo session. Our first activity on our honeymoon was a 12 mile hike up the local mountains with 2500 feet of vertical. Even more impressive, Barbara was wearing the wedding dress.


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