Looks like I am going to be wrong about #phablets


I have travelled the world in the last six months, telling everyone that phablets (smartphones with screens 5.0 inches or larger) would be a big thing: representing 25% of all smartphone sales, these devices would be a $125 billion business, even bigger than TV sets or tablets!

And in almost every market, my audiences have openly mocked me. No one would want such a bulky and clumsy device, which makes you look ridiculous when calling, and doesn’t fit in your jeans. Out of nearly ten thousand people, fewer than a hundred have admitted they even MIGHT buy one. “Face it Duncan,” they said “phablets will be a phony phaddish phailure.”

And the wisdom of the crowd triumphs again: there is no way phablets will be 25% of smartphone sales for 2014. I was wrong.

Based on Q1 shipments alone, Canalys says that phablets are already 34% of units sold.

 Canalys Phablet

Given the growth trajectory, and rumours of a 5.5 inch Apple phablet shipping in time for Q4, it appears that somewhere around 40% of all smartphones sold this year will be phablets, with about 40% of those phablets having screens 5.5 inches or larger.



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