#Dunstewart: iPhone 7+ for next September with 6.3″ screen

Apple Screen Size

This is not an official Prediction from Deloitte, just me playing around with Excel. If you take a look at Apple’s current portable computing lineup on the chart above, each device screen is between 15-23% larger than the next smallest device.

Except for the gap between the iPhone 6+ and the iPad Mini, which is 44%!

If I imagine filling that hole in the product line-up with a 6.3” iPhone 7+, it would be 15% larger than the iPhone 6+, and the iPad Mini would be 25% larger than my hypothetical smartphone.

Why am I so confident in this prediction?

First, gases expand to fill the space available, life forms fill ecological niches, and consumer product form factors abhor a vacuum too. That gap in the Apple product line up reminds me of those “holes” in the Periodic Table of elements. Back in the 1870s, scientists might not have isolated certain elements yet, but they knew they were there!

Second, all those people who might say that Apple would never make such a ridiculously large device are EXACTLY as wrong as all the people who said Apple would never make a bigger iPhone or a smaller iPad. Folks: there is no perfect size for an internet-connected device in a world of 7 billion people. Some will want small devices, and some will want bigger…and across the planet, every single size bracket will be designed and manufactured by tech companies, including Apple. And bought and used by tens of millions of consumers.

Finally, I currently own a 6.3” device. (Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3) It fits in my pockets, I can hold it up to my head to make calls easily, it takes great photos and videos, and it is fantastic for typing, social media, pictures and watching video. I love it so much, that I would never buy another phone that wasn’t roughly that big. If Apple wants me to buy their phone (I already have two iPads), they are going to have to meet my needs.


[Minor point, but the chart at top blends two devices in one column. The largest MacBook Air and the smallest MacBook Pro both have 13.3″ screens. For legibility of the chart, I have combined the two in a single bar, and called the larger MacBook Air the +, which is something Apple hasn’t done. Yet. 🙂 ]



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