Please join my focus group on media habits of 16-34 year olds!



Please join me, in partnership with the Canadian Media Fund, as we explore the media habits of urban young Canadians, both French and English, in a series of focus groups this summer and fall. We are looking for participants between 16 and 34 years old who consider themselves “digital only” (or perhaps close to being digital only)  media consumers (in other words, those young Canadians who consume media on NONE, or almost none, of the traditional platforms in the average week). Participants will be invited to a 1-hour focus group, during which they will answer written questions as well as participate in verbal discussions. No compensation will be provided – except juice and cookies!

There will be sessions in Montreal (Sep 24 & 25) and Toronto (week of Sept 29 – October 3.) I will be running the Toronto sessions, and am flexible on exact dates, times and locations. Let me know what works best for you, and I will try to make it happen!

Email me if you are interested at; or message me on social media.

Gabrielle Madé is running the effort in Montreal, with Catalina Briceño and Danielle Desjardins.

Apologies for the fact that there are no sessions elsewhere in Canada. It’s a big country, and I have a small ($0.00) budget. 😦

And here is a picture of how I see the focus group working:



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