New name for the blog!


I started writing this blog back in January. At first, I assumed it would mainly be about the topics I was working on in my day job, but with a more personal take.

Like a pregnancy, things are really different nine months later! Going back through my posts, and especially looking at the topics that have been the most popular with readers on social networks, I realised something. Including the word “predicts” wasn’t very accurate. I have written some pieces that made specific forecasts, but the vast majority of views came from my attempts to do data driven analysis of articles that my social networks were talking about. Mythbusting, largely. Throw in some romantic advice, holiday videos, analysis of the Toronto Mayoralty race, and more than a few recipes, and my original blog name just doesn’t fit.

So welcome to!

That’s my Twitter handle, and I think it makes it really clear that you are reading my personal views, and that the blog will cover a much broader range of topics than just predictions. Of course, I will still make the odd personal forecast on this blog, and will continue to co-author annual TMT Predictions as part of Deloitte’s global report of the same name.


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