The future of print books – TechVibes guest post


Although many forms of traditional physical media are seeing apocalyptic declines and losing share to digital (think newspapers and compact discs) the print book is not just fighting the trend, it may be winning.

As I say in a guest post on, over 80% of all books sold in 2015 will continue to be in print form. Even more remarkably, millennials 18-34 are just as fond of print as older generations. Why does this matter?

Millennials matter and lots of people believe they know all about them. And I think many of our assumptions are wrong, misleading and will lead to bad decisions. That younger readers are so attached to print books is a critical piece of mythbusting. 18-34 year olds aren’t all digital all the time. They will pay for content. They aren’t always massively different than older generations. They aren’t averse to physical formats. There are forms of traditional media that still appeal to them.

Please head over to TechVibes and read the full article.

FYI, the cover image on this post and in the TechVibes article is the main bookshelf in my house, but we have others. I did a little count across the whole house, and Barbara and I have 1,168 print books across two floors and four shelves/walls.


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