Anniversary note to my wife

I posted the following on Facebook yesterday, and over 10% of my friends clicked like on it. It seems to have hit a nerve, so I’m posting on this blog as well, just so there’s a more permanent record of it.

July 3, 2004 was my first date with Barbara. It was only supposed to be a 2 pm tea, but we ended up having dinner that evening too. #HappyAnniversary! 

Those first weeks, Barbara and I slammed together with an emotional intensity that probably registered on seismographs. The photo above was taken in South Africa only a month later: she already had the trip booked when we went on our date, and within two weeks I was buying my own plane ticket!

In 2004, I didn’t know that one day my job would be about making predictions. But I remember making a long range forecast to her: I told Barbara that all of the romance and intensity we were experiencing in South Africa was great…but would only grow better over time.

I didn’t mean that we would become best friends, or more comfortable with each other. I predicted that for both of us the passion, the cards, the flowers, the spending every minute together, long conversations, dinners alone, the constant physical touch…that all these things would increase and not diminish.

And here it is, eleven years later. And I have never made a more accurate prediction. Happy anniversary my own true love!



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